About CalvertHealth

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Our Strategic Plan

CalvertHealth created a new five (5) year strategic plan to set the future for the organization from 2024 through 2028. Our goal was bold and inclusive, with a goal of achieving meaningful and lasting results for a thriving workforce and health system. Our vision is clear – to be the trusted leader delivering a lifetime of exceptional care for our patients and our community.

Strategic Initiatives and Priorities

Strategic Initiative One: Culture and Competence

Build the organizational structure, standards, processes and culture to implement the strategy and ensure outstanding performance.

Strategic Initiative Two: Primary Care

Secure, grow and maximize the impact of CalvertHealth’s aligned Primary Care base.

Strategic Initiative Three: Outpatient Services

Build a geographically distributed network to grow services.

Strategic Initiative Four: Clinical Service Lines

Build Clinical Service Lines to meet expanding community needs, increase specialty care capabilities and enhance our reputation.

Strategic Initiative Five: Community Hospital Care

Ensure access to Community Hospital Care that exceeds expectations.

Strategic Initiative Six: Community Partnerships

Partnerships in the community to address shared needs in such areas as transportation, post-acute care, home care, and other community-based services.

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